What locations does Angular Jobs serve?

We have jobs listed in over 60 countries.   Angular and top JavaScript talent is needed in countries all over the world. Locations include North America (the United States & Canada), Europe (UK, Germany, Poland, France & many more), India, Brazil and Australia and many more locations.

What if Angular isn’t our primary technology?

That’s ok because Angular Developers have rich skillsets. Developers seeking Angular Jobs want to work with Angular. Many of these developers work best in an environment that complements an Angular application. Most developers also have non-JavaScript expertise(java, ruby, python, PHP, etc.). Angular Jobs are for developers with a broad range of backgrounds and a common …

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Why should I work with Angular Jobs?

Your job reaches developers via Angular Jobs proprietary channels. Top developers actively seek work with bleeding-edge technologies like Angular. Emphasize your company’s bleeding-edge status by being present on the job board.

What is an Angular Developer?

A web developer with experience using the Angular.   Angular is the JavaScript framework created by Google. Similar frameworks include React and Vue.   Each Angular Developer also comes with their own custom set of skills. They are often useful for both front and backend development. Sometimes they are referred to as full-stack developers.

What are Featured Angular Jobs?

Featured Angular Jobs are special job posts that reach more of the Angular Jobs Network.   Featured Angular Jobs are distributed on industry websites, newsletters, and social networks.

What is AngularJobs.com?

A skill-based career resource. Connecting developers and employers around JavaScript framework requirements.   Our story began as the “bleeding-edge” job board for intrepid engineers. Those who recognized Angular’s strengths. Fearless 10Xers seeking the best. Five years later, Angular is everywhere. New developers begin their careers using it.

What are Angular Jobs?

Angular Jobs are web development jobs that utilize JavaScript frameworks, like Angular. The best candidates for Angular Jobs are Angular Developers. Those are engineers with JavaScript framework experience. React, and Vue, are other common JavaScript frameworks used by Angular Developers.

Why Top Developers Choose Angular

Angular has continuously held the position of top JavaScript framework. It’s been years since AngularJS outpaced backbone.js, meteor.js, and ember.js. In 2019, the newcomer React has gained popularity with developers, but, Angular remains the framework of choice for enterprises worldwide.