Why Top Developers Choose Angular

Angular has continuously held the position of top JavaScript framework. It’s been years since AngularJS outpaced backbone.js, meteor.js, and ember.js. In 2019, the newcomer React has gained popularity with developers, but, Angular remains the framework of choice for enterprises worldwide.

Recently, Angular Jobs surveyed over two hundred Angular Developers. We wanted to find out what is important when choosing a JavaScript framework. And why they choose Angular.

Reasons To Choose Angular

An overwhelming amount of developers said it was the ease of use that makes them love Angular.

Many recognized the community as an important factor.

Most agreed that Angular represents the future of web development.

They say the feature set is cutting-edge and best-in-class.

Google’s support of Angular was frequently mentioned.

Many enjoy the option to use Angular with TypeScript.

Additionally, well-designed components. Being up-to-date. Mobile technology. Ionic. Opinionated development. Performance at scale. Overall stability. The extensive documentation.

Why Developers Love Angular

All of these reasons and more contribute to why top developers choose Angular. Don’t take it from us.

Why Developers Choose Angular

Allows me to use a framework which uses high-level software engineering concepts and use it as an example to teach junior devs those concepts
– Slavik Rivkin
– @Stas_rivkin

Angular is an amazing community-driven language, the improvements that continue to come out and become featured are incredible. The speed at which a developer can ramp up and produce lightweight sustainable code is outstanding.
– Brandon Jones
– @zentrigger
– Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Simple- it’s free and number one choice for enterprise customers. Almost all enterprise applications are now using Angular as their default UI framework.
– Shikhar Dadhich
– @Shikhardadhich

For any developer, it is important that technology he/she is working on has future scope and relevance in today’s time. And Angular seems to possess both, and that is the most important aspect of Angular.

SPA feature, fast and awesome, the framework is nicely written, any newbie and get up and running with it easily.
– @dhruvaprajapati

I am working with angular since 2015 and I just love the ways it binds both the way and interacts with server and data
– Pranay Joshi
– @Pranayjoshicse

It has so many features that help me to create the most complete web apps. I also like working with TypeScript.
– Arswaw
– @arswaw

Michigan, United States

Angular Jobs, there’s the best website of the Regular developers, to engage the angular skill in its, the client can easily find the Angular developer
– @Martinjham7

The latest cutting-edge platform for working on the project. Making the site responsive and creating different reusable web components to work on.
– Rahul Anand
– @Rahulgo8U

I believe the future of development relies on Angular and React. And Angular is easier than React. I started my career as an Angular developer with AngularJS and then updated to Angular.
– Sagar Vd
– @sagarvd01

It’s the strongest framework for the front-end developing, it’s very advanced and awesome to develop.
– @KhaderMurtaja

Angular is a great framework and it provides lots of stuff is built like CLI. Many companies are adopting it. It has a bright future.
– Kartik

Its a future of Web Development. The component model and completeness of the framework excites me about Angular.
– Nagendra Shukla

Angular is a powerful JavaScript-based development framework designed to create dynamic single-page applications with fewer lines of code: Consistency, Productivity, Maintainability, Modularity, Catching Errors Early.
– @AjayDivekar1993

The depth of the framework and the way the framework has evolved over time. It uses TypeScript that I have always loved and wanted to use
– Abul Hasan
– @AbulHLakhani
– Auckland, New Zealand

I have been using Angular back in the days of Angularjs, and using the new Angular has made some difficult software development task to be easy and robust.
– R. O.
– @OyeyemiRafiu

It’s easy to use, open-source, implemented by Google developers and has good community support. Up-to-date increments to compete with other frameworks.
– Varun Malhotra

I am hoping to get better at the Angular framework and seeing that there are many opportunities is a good incentive to learn more.
– Mirza Sisic
– @MickeySisic

Working with Angular gives me another great tool on my toolbelt. It helps create more functional and faster reaction times for key operations.
– @grant_posell

Angular is updating day by day and it’s changed the way of JavaScript programming, and introduced MVVM in front-end and it’s other features are really awesome.
– @rajanwalt

I’m a backend engineer. I like angular because it is very easy for learning and to do development. And it has similar theory to the backend.
– @ynbyybny
– Kirkland, WA

Angular one of the important applications in the market and making engineer from angular understand my SEO focus would help big time
– Iman Hamdan
– @Onlyemoh
– California, United States

The Angular flexibility. That the upgrades that come so frequent and become stable.
– Savarn Sumit
– @SoberThakur

It makes creating applications more efficient, the code renders faster in the browser, it’s interesting to see how directives can manipulate the DOM & how data binding functions, & the Angular community is very warm & encouraging.
– Leah Singh
– Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

The main reason I love angular is its natural ability to use object-oriented programming on the front end.
– @MichaelPullins5
– Ohio, United States

Angular is important to me because the framework is always up to date. It keeps improving in every release. It´s easy to learn and manage. And its behavior is predictable.
– Federico Nervi
– @fpenaranda

AngularJS was made for CRUD applications, which happen to represent the majority of web apps (excluding DOM manipulation-intensive applications like games and GUI editors).
– @Revanth_1728

what makes angular important is that it has a standard where every developer can understand right away whenever there’s a need for new personnel.
– Jason Maglangit
– @jasonmaglangit

The web has evolved exponentially in the last decade. Angular philosophy is that declarative programming is far more important than imperative programming when it comes to web development. It accomplishes this by extending the HTML and rendering a language for the development of dynamic web interfaces.
– @nelsonmfinda

My decisions are often straightforward. I’m sitting down at a desk. I know I have some work to do and things to break and mend. What best way to accomplish it with what works best for you? So I have to be efficient and solidly be done with the task within the stipulated timings. And Angular seems to be that magic Perl for me.
– Christian
– @cgaochristian

It’s great to have an opinionated framework to work with. It improves speed of development.
– Stephen Wilson
– @stephenwil
– Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom

It’s a cutting-edge technology with powerful features.
– Alexander Bugor
– @iambugor

Working with Angular is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is a complete framework that houses all the packages I want.
– @chisom_code

While developing large application it much easier than before comes angular in the market. It provides more features than others.
– Dhirendra
– @dhirendra761

The freedom that allows creating custom elements to customize the front end and the customization that these allow.
– David Jiménez
– @Koltharius

It’s a new technology in the market and in demand. Higher salary compared to other technologies.
– Sushil Bhutta
– @sushil_1502

It’s a good framework. We developed a mobile app and a progressive web application. I also like that it gets frequent updates.
– Dharmesh Kashyap
– @DharmeshKashyap

It makes sense structurally. React is too abstract. Angular also saves time with little things like LinkRouterActive.
– @Cian_OG

It is a future and strong operation. Huge variety of different packages which helps to build stable projects. It is a part of MEAN stack.
– Dima
– @dimakurapin
– Israel

Easy to follow BDD and TDD and powerful CLI. It very easy to generate new components, applications and even libraries production ready
– Andrea Sonny
– @andreasonny83
– London, England, United Kingdom

It’s a major framework with a huge community and a large company as a “sponsor”. Each new feature is at the cutting edge of engineering
– @_G_wen_
– Paris, France

The ability to work with data in the front end in an imperative way. Large projects with multiple team members are more stable with this approach.
– David Ashley
– @daaashley
– Chicago, IL

AngularJS was my first JavaScript framework. Angular’s features, like two-way-binding, routing, performance, ease in making SPA’s, and Angular CLI, got me to liking it instinctively. And now I make hybrid applications with Ionic Framework and Angular. You can reach every platform by learning just one thing – Angular. That’s what makes Angular so important to me.
– @_guptaji_

It is an awesome MVC framework using which makes front-end8 development very easy. I have been using angular for a long time since the v1 and it has kept on improving and has awesome community support.
– @psuranas

DataBinding and DOM Manipulation! Also, Mobile apps!
– Navneet Sharma – Selected for Android Dev Scholar 2018 @ Google Udacity Programme
– @SharmaNavneet_

It’s well documented. Has a huge community. The upcoming version changes are astonishing.
– Joseph Briggs
– @Rip3rs

I like working in a standardized framework with a very opinionated way of doing things so developers can easily pass work back and forth.
– Peter Feddo
– @peterfeddo
– Richmond, Virginia, United States

Simple and clear concepts easy to implement.
Easy for beginners too to understand and start from scratch.
– Vithika Gupta
– @Vithikagupta2

Being a UI developer, working with angular is pretty important.also as the word is moving towards SPA and hybrid apps, I find it easy to work with angular
– Reji Shankar
– @Rejishankar

By helping me find the exciting jobs I love doing and to learn more about angular as I go. I find learning on the job just as important as learning off the job.
– @William_DotNet
– Melbourne, Victoria

I really love working on angular as it feels really easy to work with angular. Personally, I tried most of the frameworks in javascript but working with angular make things really easy.
– Vaibhav Satam
– @vaibhavsatam

It’s important to work on new technologies that have a secure future in the industry. I want to know that I’m not working on legacy tech or something that won’t ever get traction.
– Ryan McCoy

Working with Angular is important to me for several reasons. First, it is a fast-growing framework. The GitHub activity of Angular projects shows that. It’s “ownership” by Google is important for angular credibility and reputation. It’s important to be current with your skills and I feel Angular developers are perceived as being very current. Angular uses typescript and that’s very important to me. Lastly, the environment is very opinionated and the CLI brings a lot of consistency to angular projects. That means I’m automatically a good fit for many projects because, in addition to knowing the framework, I’m comfortable with the build process, DI, testing, routing and so on.
– @Hblieb
– Missouri, USA

it’s making sure that I am a part of fostering growth within the JS dev community by being able to have knowledge of multiple libraries.
– Gavin Bennett

It gives me immense pleasure to work with Angular. It is modular, powerful and easier to design and control data for a web app ensuring its performance is not impacted.
– Sriman Pathy
– @situlindia

Angular jobs are always available and the need for expert Angular developers are ever increasing. Angular has a good ecosystem and all the features that I might need to get a job done will be always built in with the framework.
– Shabab Karim
– @PublicFinal

The stable ecosystem with many high-quality libraries and excellent documentation. Also, it makes it easier to start working on new projects when they have a standardized structure.
– Theodore Brown
– Cokato, Minnesota, United States

It’s easy to configure, implement, design and maintenance. As well as so interesting powerful features with less code.
– Manveer Singh
– @manveeemca

The most important part is an angular architect with is really very easy and robust with it comes to make application in enterprise level

Ideally, I like good user experience and easy-to-understand terms. When I create a new project, I want to be able to understand all the components very quickly and easily.
– Jeriel Ng
– Tucson, Arizona, United States

I like the ease of the Angular CLI. And how convenient it is to build and transpile. Also, TypeScript is very powerful.
– Quang Che
– Los Angeles, California, United States

Angular is flexible and modular. I can write code that is easily reused in multiple projects yet not worry about interfering with other code.

It attracts me to work more on the UI side. a lightweight and very loose structure which can be customized at any level.
– Anand Dubey

It is an interesting and new way of development. Plus it gives an opportunity to get expertise three diff platform mobile desktop and web.

Angular is super easy to understand, implement and is one page at a time. So you don’t have to worry much about the rest of the application.
– Jatin Bhatia

I have a company and the main Front End application is built in Angular. I think is the best framework I have used.
– @carlosbayarri7
– Valencia, Spain

I am an Angular enthusiast I would like to learn a lot about Angular technology & that’s the reason Angular is important to me.
– @iamabdurraziq

I’ve increased my JS and TS skills and I’m able to scale projects thanks to the framework. For me the switch from Angular 1 to 2 allowed me to finally embrace ES6 and TS and been able to apply OOO in this projects
– @gui_acab

Dynamic and unpredictable client equipment which will push us to think beyond the technology serves
– Rajendra Taradale
– @RajendrTaradale

A few things: 1) NGRX as a dataflow. 2) Typescript as a data typing tool. 3) Organizing the components and containers relations. 4) Angular CLI, a powerful tool.
– @mcsim182

I love being able to spin up sites quickly. Not to mention with TypeScript. New feature additions are easier than ever.
– Chris Ridl
– United States

Actually angular is a fast-growing language with the framework so it’s time-saving and fast executions and reliable with any technology like service, MVC, WCF, APIs
– Tabarak Hussain
– @tabarakvolt

It’s a great UI framework as compared to others. Also, I am a great fan of Google product. Angular is easy to use and learn from a beginner to advance level.
– Devesh Mishra
– @deveshtwit

Angular is a very fast growing technology on the UI side. It’s a niche skill in the market. With having good knowledge of AngularJs as well Angular makes me important.
– bhoomi_garachh

It makes things easier to develop in a productive manner. When we use Angular CLI tool in development it makes sure that the team follows style-guide.
– Pankaj Parkar
– @pankajparkar