Frontend developer - Stimulus.js ag-grid at Comrise in Rochester, NY


๐Ÿ“Œ Rochester, NY
๐Ÿ•‘ November 19, 2020
๐Ÿท๏ธ OTHER
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Frontend developer - Stimulus.js or ag-grid

Wersquore looking for a senior Front-end Developer tech skills are mainly focused on JavaScript. This person would have experience in both the SPA world (React, Vue, Angular, etc.), and non
- SPA (jQuery, Turbolinks, etc.). The ideal candidate will have experience working with various JavaScript technologies in a variety of different projects. To be clear, wersquore not looking for a manager or a people lead, but someone who is a JavaScript expert and can help the rest of the team by establishing patterns in front-end development and work alongside our Rails engineers to build out the platform. We make heavy use of Stimulus.js and ag
- Grid on Phoenix, so someone with experience in one of those areas would be an excellent candidate. We would look to this person to advise when pulling in other js libraries or frameworks would be appropriate. As with the rest of the team, we want someone who appreciates finding the simplest solution to a given problem, with the ability to look a bit to the future to anticipate upcoming needs for the project. Many JavaScript engineers today have committed themselves to a single SPA (typically React, but also Vue, Ember, or Angular, etc.). While they may be technically skilled, these developers would not be an ideal fit for Phoenix, given that wersquore not looking to go full SPA. Finally, wersquore looking a developer that has strong user experience skills. The team already has 3 dedicated designers, and we have visual design covered. But when it comes to implementation we need someone that can make the design still feel good to use and build out things like animation, motion, and focus. Details for the javascript engineer below Must haves
- Expert-level knowledge of JavaScript
- Experience working with Stimulus.js or ag
- Grid
- Familiarity with React, Vue, Ember, etc.
- Strong UX skills
- Strong knowledge of HTML and CSS - Experience architectingdesigning enterprise software Nice to haves
- Ruby on Rails experience
- Experience writing server-side ERB templates
- TDDBDD practitioner (the team currently has 100 code coverage)
- TailwindCSS

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Job Expires: December 19, 2020

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