Clearable Forensic Software/Web Developers at Cipher Tech Solutions in Linthicum Heights, Maryland

Cipher Tech Solutions
September 15, 2020
Linthicum Heights, Maryland
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Clearable Forensic Software/Web Developers

Description: Cipher Tech seeks those who enjoy both Web Development and traditional Software Development combined into one career seat!
This job will require that you undergo and pass a security clearance investigation prior to work start. We have the ability to sponsor those that can demonstrate talent and who have a passion for National Security!
We invite rising college seniors studying Computer Science or Engineering to apply!
During your career with us, you will provide support in the form of application development, scripting, debugging, and value-added development expertise to a digital forensic lab and malware reverse engineering section. Additionally, you will maintain existing applications and develop new applications to customer specifications. Developers work with a variety of technologies including PHP, Javascript, Angular, C#
Location: Linthicum, MD (Baltimore/Washington Area)Requirements:
* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Electrical/Computer Engineering
* Must be a US Citizen (no exceptions)
* Minimum graduating GPA 3.25
* Key qualities: Self-motivated, Detail-oriented, Strong work ethic
* Proficiency in at least one of the following programming languages:
* C, C++, Java, or Python
* Strong working knowledge of PHP, Javascript, Angular, and C#
* Capable of debugging software applications
* Familiarity with high and low level programming languages
* Able to gather testable software requirements
* Able to participate in the design of new software applications
* Familiarity with maintainable software processes including:
* Software documentation
* Source code versioning
* Unit testing
* Able to quickly adapt to new situations and problems
* Able to operate in a mission-critical and time-sensitive environments
EducationRequirements: Entry Level:
* Relevant Bachelor's Degree, with some programming experience outside of the classroom
* No formal experience necessary, but some development experience is suggested; it does not need to be in a professional setting. We usually like to see that candidates have written a few substantial programs to give us confidence that they know what they are doingMid Level:
* Relevant Bachelor's Degree plus minimum 5 years experience OR
* Relevant Master's Degree plus minimum 3 years experience
Senior Level:
* Relevant Bachelor's Degree plus minimum 10 years experience OR
* Relevant Master's Degree plus minimum 8 years experience
* Familiarity with assembly languages
* Experience in Java, C, C++, Python
* Familiarity with digital forensics
* Familiarity with hex editors and working at the byte-level
* Familiarity with the Windows API
* Familiarity with IDA Pro
* Rudimentary understanding of protocol analysis
* Rudimentary understanding of malware analysis or reverse engineering
* Experience in digital forensics
* Experience in SQL
* Rudimentary knowledge in Network Architecture and networked programs
* Experience in secure programming for web application development
* Experience with the software development lifecycle to include requirements definition and unit testing
* For entry-level candidates: Programming experience outside of a classroom, such as an internships, clubs, contributions to open source projects or other side projects
Important: Be aware that you are applying for a job that requires a U.S. Government Security Clearance. If you do not already hold a US government security clearance, we do have the ability to sponsor, however be advised that this can be a multi-year process. The U.S. government will not issue security clearances to recent users of illegal drugs. On your application to us, you must acknowledge that you have not engaged in any illegal drug use within the past twelve months (illegal drug use includes, but is not limited to, the use of illegal substances, the misuse of prescriptions, the misuse of over-the-counter substances, and the use of medical or recreational marijuana that may be deemed legal at the state level but is still considered illegal by the federal government).NOTE: CIPHER TECH WILL NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANY QUALIFIED APPLICANTS WITH A DISABILITY, INCLUDING ILLEGAL DRUG USERS WHO HAVE RECENTLY SOUGHT PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT FOR A DRUG PROBLEM.ABOUT USAt Cipher Tech Solutions, Inc. (Cipher Tech), we take great pride in supporting some of the most mission critical work in the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. The majority of our company is comprised of extremely talented software developers who write production tools which directly support one of two missions: digital forensics and malware reverse engineering. Digital forensics is the practice of extracting and processing evidence from computers, phones, tablets, cameras, flash-drives, and just about any other form of digital media. The results of our work are then used to support federal and military law enforcement, counter intelligence, and counter terrorist activities. Malware reverse engineering is the practice of analyzing extremely advanced malicious code. The goal of a reverse engineer is to understand how the malicious code works and determine facts such as:
* How did it infect the victim's computer *What kind of information it is seeking to steal *How is it communicating with the author (actor) *Who that actor might be. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin.

Job Expires: 2020-12-14
Apply You will be redirected to Cipher Tech Solutions's preferred application process.

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