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Employers Frequently Asked Questions

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Hiring Managers, Recruiters & Employers get questions answered about hiring developers and getting resumes for Angular Jobs.

Where can I learn more about hiring Angular Developers?

We publish insights on Angular Developers via our blog.

Who will see my job post?

Developers that are interested in job opportunities that include the use of AngularJS as technology stack framework to build single page applications (SPA) with JavaScript.

Where will I see candidates that apply?

Applicants will be sent to you via email.

Will new applicants resumes be delivered to my email inbox?

Yes, this is the default way to receive new applications.

Can I see my applicants resumes on the AngularJobs website?

Yes. Customers may request credentials to access their applicants on our webpage.

What simple task is required to get started?

Right before we start our search, we reach out and verify the details of your need.

Where do you source your talent?

We have exclusive access to AngularJS specific domains. This has allowed us to grow a private talent pool of developers seeking work with AngularJS.

What is an AngularJS Developer?

Not only is an AngularJS developer capable of working with the latest and greatest JavaScript frameworks. This developer is also capable of recognizing breakthrough technologies and adapting to major changes in their workflow. Each developer also comes with their own custom set of skills useful for front and backend development.

What are other common skills among AngularJS developers?

Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python, Java, Scala, .Net.

Can I export applicants to CSV or excel file?

Yes. Contact us if you need help with this.

Can I use Jobvite or some other Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Yes. Third party applicant tracking systems may be used. Candidates can be sent directly to a job description provided by your ATS. Be sure to select a job post type with “Use My ATS” to leverage this option. Applicants may also be manually exported.

Where are the developers located?

North America (United States & Canada), Europe (UK, Germany, Poland, France & many more), India, Brazil and Australia all have populations large enough that we have had to create location specific job boards for them.

What is the “AngularJS Job Network” and what does that mean for my job?

The network of job boards is available so that each job can be delivered to the most relevant audience.

Will I get applicants resumes in my desired location?

Yes. Just be sure to post your job on the correct job board.

What should my job description contain?

The job description is your best opportunity to convince candidates to give your company a chance by applying for an interview. This can be done effectively in many different ways. My best piece of advice: focus on what’s unique about this position to help the job standout.

How do I make my job listing stand out?

Answer any of these simple questions:

  • Why do people love to work at this job?
  • Who are some awesome people work at this job?
  • How can someone make a big impact at this job?
  • What makes the office culture unique?
  • If it was possible, what is it that would make you apply to this job? Include it!

Include images of people having fun in the office.

Which listing type is right for me?

  • Basic job posts are great in you have no pressing deadlines.
  • Featured job posts will receive a significant amount more attention.
  • “Use My ATS” job posts will direct candidates to an existing URL provided by your applicant tracking system.

What do high performing job board listings have in common?

Imagine your job post like a social media post. It’s easy to spot a post that someone crafted with a lot of effort. Top job posts focus on what’s exciting about the job. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

How will candidates that apply be displayed?

Candidates are required to submit their email when applying. They may also submit a personal message and attachment resumes, CVs or other supporting documentation.

Can I get access to your database?

We are hard at work discussing these possibilities with both developers and employers. If you’re interested in participating in the development of this service then please contact us.

What is a “company page” and how do I get one?

At this time we do not publicly offer any type of page dedicated to employers that hire AngularJS developers. This is something we are working on and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your interest.

Can we buy a full site sponsorship?

Understanding our audience has led to our specificity in sponsor selection. We have a limited amount of opportunities available to an extremely specific type of sponsor.

How can I speak/chat with someone?

Is it both urgent and important? Reach Brian Petro:

Contact us or schedule a Q&A meeting here.

How do I get to the employer portal?

  • If you have already purchased a job post and accessed the portal in the past then the instructions are already in your email.
  • If you have not accessed the portal in the past then please contact us to setup your account.

How do I edit my job post?

  • Please contact us if you need to make edits or remove a job post.
  • If you have paid for a job post then we can make editing your job post available to you via the employer portal.

Can I post multiple jobs in 1 listing?

As long as the jobs are relevant. So, feel free to list as many AngularJS jobs you would like into the same listing. However, to effectively get candidates we recommend keeping focus on a single job in each job post.

How do I change my password?

Contact us and we’ll reset your password. Then you will be required to change it next time you log in.

Is there something I can show my boss to approve the budget?

Contact us and let us know what will help.

Do you offer bulk pricing?

Contact us to discuss your unique situation. But, typically, no.

How do I renew my Job Board Post?

Contact us.

Do you have any guarantee in place?

Contact us at any time so we can tackle concerns head on before they become serious issues. If we somehow just can’t make things work and you’d feel the need to walk away then we’ll be very sad to see you go 🙁 But, we will certainly provide a refund at your request.