What makes the best Angular Job Description?

The Best Angular Jobs Descriptions focus on exciting and unique aspects of the company. The expectations are clearly communicated. And they aren’t cluttered with unnecessary requirements.


The job description is your best opportunity to convince candidates to give your company a chance by applying for an interview. This can be done effectively in many different ways.


The Mission

What about this company is unique? What is having a positive impact on the world? What’s innovative? Exciting?

Try to fit the best into a one sentence mission that elicits emotion, communicates purpose, and sells a vision of the future.

Ex. “Helping children join loving families.” This was derived from a longer mission statement. Binti’s mission is to find a loving family for every child by making adoption delightful, transparent, and universally accessible. Binti is combatting the problem that 90% of parents drop out in the process of adopting, due to the cost or difficulty, even though there are millions of children waiting to be adopted.



Include media. Find images and videos that display the fun aspects of working at the company. You can use company social media accounts, like Instagram. Youtube is another great source for insights into what the company is like on the inside

What does the developer work environment look like? How is remote work handled? What are the regular meeting schedules? How is the organization structured? What productivity tools are used?

Desired Experience

This section is often mistakenly labeled as “Required Experience.” Why is this a mistake? Because it will turn away many valuable leads. It’s ok to start with a list of desired experiences that one would expect the ideal candidate to possess. But, that should remain as an internal document used for evaluation after being introduced to potential candidates.


Provide just enough information about the job so that candidates can “interview themselves” is also a critical part of sourcing talent online.

Most public job descriptions are just copy-and-pasted memos and were never intended to be public.

I’m only going to say this once, publishing an internal job requirement document as an internet job description will hurt hiring, PR, and your business!

The best candidates regularly review industry opportunities. My Job Description is going to speak to these people.

I want to focus on the people part. People thrive in a workplace for countless reasons; only one of them is skillset.

Social Media Networks

Including company social profiles may increase trust with potential candidates. Common social profiles include Glassdoor, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Angel.co, Reddit and other relevant profiles.


The culture and mission should always come before requirements and compensation.

Optimize for readability. We want to help candidates make quick decisions. And they will do it anyway.

Make sure the most important information can be read in a single glance. Use bullet points, bold, italics, headers, and imagery.

Top Keywords

Is this a remote job? Partially remote? Is there travel? Relocation assistance? What keywords might get someone excited about this job?

Neutral Words

Avoid emphasizing neutral words. Words that are over-used. Like “senior” and “experience”.

If you are going to use neutral words in the job title, or other valuable position, use abbreviations. For example, in “Sr Remote Angular Architect w/ Project Mgmt. Exp.” Senior was abbreviated to Sr. Management became Mgmt. And Experience became Exp. That saves over 15 characters or two high-quality keywords!


Develop a scorecard for judging the success of the new developer. What will the developer be expected to contribute? How much? How often? What experiences will help the employee be successful? What metrics will be used to track their performance?


What technologies will the developer be required to use?

Use “You”

Use “You” statements invoke feelings in the candidate. This will help candidates determine whether they are qualified. Ex. “You have built an Angular application from the ground up.” “You get excited about building applications that help people manage their data.” “You have experience leading a team to success against the odds.”

Most job descriptions still fail at speaking to the person because the only emotional communication is at the company-wide level.

To speak to the person I am going to:

  • explain who they will be working with
  • how they fit into the bigger
  • detail growth opportunities
Tell About “We”

“We” stories tell the company’s stories especially around the “you” you’re trying to hire

CTA: Call to APPLY

“Call to apply” the people that you’re targeting. restate the important parts.

What Would You Do?

Are you sabotaging your own job posts? Everyone can post a job, but, did you know most people fail to write an effective job description.


Try to imagine seeing the job description you’re advertising for the first time. As someone unfamiliar with your company. What does the job description tell you about the company? Would you apply there? Ask yourself these questions.

Important Details

What? Where? Why? How much?

Job Title vs Job Headline

The title of your job post should contain critical pieces of information. You want to help people browse faster. Include information that might make passive candidates excited.

Hook the Right Candidates

Alluding to the mission of the company is a great way to spark interest. Ex. “Do you want to make buying, owning and selling cars delightful?” “Are you passionate about helping children join loving families?”

Remote Angular Developer Manager Example

We curate news for some of the most sought-after technical people.

Our goal is to find an experienced project manager that can assist in system development, execution and growing the project management team.

A typical (remote) day includes a brief “stand-up” video chat and written reports on your progress to relevant stakeholders. We expect you to have a similar routine with the remote contractors.

JavaScript is the tool of this trade, so, being able to review/critique JS code is critical to success.

Please apply so we can hop on a video chat and discuss more whether this opportunity is a great fit!


Notice, I didn’t include an unruly “wishlist” of skills and experiences labeled as requirements. Save this list, which was certainly included in the internal job memo, to use as a benchmark during interviews and when making offers.

Other important details I could have added, that really speak to the candidate, are salary/compensation, benefits (vacation, insurance etc.), family incentives (paternity leave).