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You need Angular Training. Where do you go?

Once again, Angular started gaining its role among the best frontend web frameworks. This all happened because of the recently released version 9 of the Angular framework.

Now Angular is a must to have it listed among your skillsets. As it is actively used by thousands of well know tech companies, so it has a growing demand plus a bright future ahead.

You might be in the process of researching what’s the best learning material out there to become a professional Angular developer or maybe you just want to know a little more about this exciting technology. Through this article, I’ll make your decision process simple by providing a review of the top Angular courses available on Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, and

A point to be noted is that both Free and Paid courses are available online which I’ve mentioned below.

Learn Angular From Udemy

Udemy is no doubt a great educational resource for self-paced learning. Furthermore, here teachers with different levels of experience provide Angular tutorials in the shape of bite-sized videos.

These videos are easy to consume and an interesting point that needs your attention is that these courses are packed with real-life project assignments that enhance your practical knowledge.

From all those awesome Udemy courses, I’ve manually selected one for you that will walk you through a step by step guide regarding each Angular concept.

Angular – The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)

This Angular course is recently been updated to integrate the latest features of version 9 by its tutor, and also a well know Youtuber, Maximilian Schwarzmüller.

He has designed this course for both beginners as well as advanced web developers. The main objective of providing this Angular training is to prepare students for real work environments.

The whole learning material is nicely organized into 32 sections. Each of them is focused on a specific topic. The main benefit of this well-ordered course is that it will help you easily track your progress.

In the end, you will receive a verified certificate from Udemy to display at different institutes while applying for a job.

It is one of the best selling courses on Udemy with 348K+ students already enrolled. At the time of this writing, it has received 108,307 ratings and is still maintaining 4.6 stars. This is the most popular among developers that use AngularJobs.

If you are a beginner and want to learn each and every concept of Angular then this course is waiting for you. Simply create an account on Udemy and purchase it to gain better skills according to the latest market needs.

Angular 9Limited access to the instructor
Low cost
High reputation

Best Angular Training on Coursera

Coursera is a leading educational platform that is actively used by top tech companies and universities to train a professional workforce according to modern world requirements.

More than half of the students that learn skills from Coursera are now enjoying a better career or a significant rise in their salary. If you want to be one of them then take the below Angular course which I’ve selected for you.

Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular

This course is taught by associate professor Jogesh K. Muppala from “The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology”. He is familiar with different JavaScript libraries and front-end frameworks. So, you will have a great learning experience by following his guide.

This course is a little bit outdated as it is created according to the version 6.x.x of Angular. But as the basic syntax of angular is still the same so you don’t need to worry. The lectures in this course are still valid to develop modern world applications.

To start this course, you must have some basic know-how of JavaScript and TypeScript. Here, you’ll learn several topics related to Angular, such as routing, SPA aka Single Page Applications, Angular forms, reactive programming, and client-server communication.

Other than video tutorials, you will also receive programming assignments and quizes. Your teacher will check them, assign marks and also provide valuable feedback.

It might be suitable for you if you prefer a self-paced environment but still, want someone to guide you throughout the course.

Enroll For FreeOlder version of Angular
Affiliated with popular tech companies and international universities.
Free Certificate

Angular Course on Udacity

Udacity is recognized by global tech giants like IBM, Google, AT&T, Amazon, and Lyft. Additionally, it has partnered with over 200+ industry experts to deliver quality education. Consequently, you are more likely to get a job in tech companies according to your skills.

Front End Frameworks by Google

It is a completely free Angular course that is officially powered by Google. The lectures are delivered by Richard Kalehoff, who currently works at Udacity as a software engineer and also a program director at the University of Florida.

This course is also packed with guides regarding Ember.js and Backbone.js. There’s only one prerequisite before taking this course. That is, you must have some basic understanding of how websites work.

It provides a question and answers community for enrolled students. So, that they may connect with each other for a better learning experience.

You need to spend at least 8 weeks on consistent bases to grasp all the available information. It can be a great starting point if you don’t want to spend any money on paid courses.

Free courseNot focused on just Angular
Q & A community
Industry partners like Google

Master Angular Through

This is a relatively new website that offers a variety of courses related to JavaScript and its frameworks. It is founded by Todd Motto to share his professional experience in the shape of small actionable tutorials.

He has created two Angular courses. One will cover the fundamentals, while the focus of the second course is mostly towards the advanced concepts of Angular.

You may get both of these courses in a discounted bundle or purchase them separately.

Angular Fundamentals

It has 59 lectures and almost 5 hours of video content. That is, carefully curated according to a beginner’s perspective. The course lessons are divided into 9 groups to help self-paced learners.

When you take this course, you’ll get a basic understanding of Angular architecture, templates, services, rendering flow and much more.

Angular Pro

On the other hand, the Angular Pro course is specially designed for people who are already familiar with Angular. But, they want to go a bit deeper to learn the key concepts of Angular that are used in enterprise-level applications.

It comes with 16 hours of content that is divided into 116 lessons. Here you’ll learn about TypeScript, Dependency Injection, State management with RxJS, Reactive forms and Unit testing using real-world examples.

Access to instructorsNew company


There are many great options to get Angular training. This was just a taste of the best training available. Whether you’re looking for certification, the most recent content, access to instructors, or low-cost options, there is a course for you on these top platforms.

Did we miss something?

We’ll be reviewing more options for Angular training and would love to hear your thoughts. Send an email to with the subject “Angular Training Course Content” to let us know what you think. Until next time, happy angular-ing.