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AngularJobs helps Developers & Engineers get hired to code with AngularJS and Angular2.

Many software developers are seeking to work with employers using AngularJS, the JavaScript framework backed by Google, in Turkey. There are many opportunities to work with Angular2. Companies also seek Angular Developers to work with other bleeding-edge technology like ReactJS and NodeJS.

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    Angular.js is an open-source JavaScript framework backed by Google. AngularJobs connects developers and groups with employers. More software engineers are switching to the JavaScript framework that is backed by Google, Angular.js. Front-end developers are in high demand now that new technologies like angular, reactjs and node.js are becoming widely adopted. Fortune 500, enterprise, high tech, finance, staffing and startup companies are all recruiting these top engineers. Managers recognize these developers as top performers.

    Positions for Angular Developers vary with titles that include Junior Programmer, Senior Architect, Lead Engineer & Full Stack Developer. Most positions require knowledge of related technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript libraries jQuery. Most employers require candidates understand TDD and other testing paradigms.