Senior Javascript Developer at in Dallas, TX
September 15, 2020
Dallas, TX
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Senior Javascript Developer (Remote)

We are looking for a passionate Full Stack Javascript Developer who will help us develop our next generation of features.

At, we build the world's best combined form platform anywhere. But we're even prouder of the fact that we're a platform that serves developers, and we're helping them build their own complex business process applications that require extensive forms and APIs to support them. No other platform provides developers the tools that we provide them with the ability to customize them the way they want.

We are growing rapidly, and have more work and opportunities than we have people to accomplish them. That's where you come in!

If you're the one we're looking for, you have extensive experience with Javascript on *both
* the front end and the back end. You're excited about all the new technologies coming down the pike like typescript, angular, vue, svelte and are a super quick study. This isn't your first rodeo. You've got 5 or more years of experience, and can point to multiple apps or sites you have helped ship.

That's a really quick intro of what we are looking for but first you need to know what it is like working for us.

A little about us

We're a rapidly growing company that provides our customers a powerful and unique form platform designed specifically for developers!
We have something that no-one else has, and we've achieved significant traction in the market and adoption by enterprises and governments all over the world, ranging from startups, SM
Bs, to large enterprises, who operate in a wide range of business verticals including healthcare, education, government agencies, insurance, banking and financial services, legal, and many others. We have been cash flow positive for years, and are continuing to grow our MRR revenue without needing to search for new investment capital.

We love building tools that make data collection and management easier for developers building web apps. As part of that we've developed tons of front end and back end components and tools in many frameworks and technologies.

How you'll work at

We're a group of dedicated and talented people
- the kind you'd be excited to work with. Here's what that looks like.

Live where you want
- We're mostly located in the Dallas area but we do have very productive members of our team elsewhere. We all work from home a portion of the time, so we're very good at using tools that enable remote work.

No crazy hours
- We're a startup but we realize that overworking our developers doesn't make the process faster or better. We're more interested in you developing great code and solving problems than working crazy hours.

We're all adults
- There's no need to punch a clock, or ask for permission to take off early one afternoon to go see the doctor. We look at what you're accomplishing, not how long you sit in front of a computer.

World class tools
- We want you firing on all cylinders so we'll set you up with a shiny new computer (probably a mac) and replace it every three years.

Solve important problems
- We're constantly doing hard things that are fun and helping companies work. We spend a lot of time designing new systems and solutioning problems for our customers.

Learn new things
- We're built on latest generation technology and are always on the lookout for what's new. Be prepared to constantly be learning promising new technologies and figuring out how they can make our company better.

Testing is not a dirty word
- We believe in automated testing. Bug fixes as well as new features should come with automated tests to ensure they work and make sure they don't break in the future.

Now, back to you, our new Javascript Developer...

You're a javascript developer with over 5 years of experience. You've done work with both the frontend (angular, react, vue, etc) and the backend (nodejs). You understand what makes javascript javascript with concepts like asynchronous functions, promises, scoping and prototypical inheritance. You also stay on top of the latest ES6 features like classes, arrow functions, destructuring and typescript. You know how to write easy-to-maintain code, documentation while getting things done under pressure.

You'll help us continue building out our platform, client apps and invent new functionality. There are always a ton of new client feature requests coming in as well as helping them set up their own projects and teaching how to build with our tools. In addition, you may demo features to potential customers and help our existing customers solve their problems while on support calls. We have a roadmap full of exciting new features ready to be started.

You're the one we're looking for if you:

  • Are an excellent developer who doesn't write only so that the computer can understand your code, but also so other developers can understand it too.
  • Are a fast learner of new technologies and keep on top of new trends.
  • Are a top notch debugger. You can find problems quickly and understand how to fix them without breaking other functionality.
  • Are self motivated and take responsibility for fixing problems like:
    • "The form is too slow if you configure it like ..."
    • "Add paypal integration to this app"
    • "We need to allow international versions of the phone field"
  • Are excited to work across multiple frameworks with different technologies.
  • Have experience with
    • React/Vue/Angular/AngularJS
    • Nodejs/Express
    • Mongodb
    • Docker
    • ES6/Typescript
  • Have shipped or helped ship at least one app in any one of the above frameworks.
  • Are a developer who can point to strong experience where you've exemplified the bullet points above.
  • Bonus
    - You already use or have previous experience with it ! is an equal opportunity employer. All are encouraged to apply as we continue to build and expand a smart, hard-working team that loves working together to build something exciting and relevant.

Job Expires: 2020-12-14
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