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Senior Angular Developers in Boston, MA

February 7, 2018
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  • Our client is seeking Senior Interactive Developers who have proven experience developing and supporting web applications utilizing all front-end technologies.
  • Candidates must have experience working in structured environments following Agile methodologies.
  • Skills:

    Strong experience with web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks (e.g., React.js, jQuery, Angular.js), and JSON, and awareness of inherent pros and cons of different JS frameworks

    Experience with templating engines (e.g., Mustache, FreeMarker, Razor)

    Thorough understanding of responsive design, browser behavior and compatibility, and cross-browser optimization / troubleshooting

    Solid knowledge of the concepts and advantages of using compression and other optimization techniques (sprites, etc.) to improve front-end performance

    Able to develop against common, open APIs (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)

    Solid knowledge of common creational, structural, and behavioral design patterns and programming models

    Familiar with data modeling and the relationship between front-end development and back-end data sources

    Working knowledge in implementing custom visualization (data, graphics, animations, etc.)

    Experience implementing a given layout into a functioning interactive design

    Familiar with at least one tool to analyze performance within a system (e.g., Java profilers, DB profilers, etc.)

    Proficient in several programming languages, web technologies, and technical architectures

    Able to design and implement modules of code, leveraging best practices as examples for junior developers

    Ability to troubleshoot, debug, performance-tune, and optimize a module of code

    Working knowledge of front-end optimization tools (e.g., Rhino or YUI for JS Compression) and web server gzip compression

    Familiarity with optimization tools (e.g., integration with

    Experience with Adobe Photoshop and other graphic-editing tools

    Experience with source code management tools (e.g., Git, SVN, Ant, Maven)

    Familiar with Scrum or other Agile methodologies

    Able to produce quality design documents acceptable for client consumption

    Ability to document solutions using proven methods (UML, flow charting, ER diagrams)

    Able to help set up and configure a local development environment and build process, including exposure to build systems (e.g., Gulp, Grunt, Webpack) and unit testing


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