Outsystems Developer at Systech US in Atlanta, Georgia

Systech US
August 1, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia
Job Type


Outsystems Developer

Job Role : Being directly in contact with the Client´s Project Managers.
Planning and Managing the Project according to with Agile Methodologies.
Manage Technical Project Execution and Solution Delivery and Rollout.
Professional Experience as Team Leader/Tech Leader or Willingness to be Design and build Technical Solutions Based on Business Needs and Drivers.
At least 3-5 years’ Experience as OutSystems Senior Developer.
Solve Complex Technical Challenges According to Project Needs.
Identify, Evaluate and fix Application Performance Bottlenecks.
Ownership of overall Delivery Quality.
Web application development, Process Design, and Project Delivery Practices.
Technical skills in Web-Scale Architecture Patterns, Solutions Design, and Application Performance.
Professional Experience in Database MySQL, SQL Server and / or Oracle.
Knowledge or professional Experience of Java and / or .NET. Knowledge or professional Experience of Frontend HTML, CSS, Java
Knowledge or professional Experience Developing Mobile Apps with OutSystems.
Certification in OutSystems.
Have Good Architecture Design and Scalability Problem Solving Experience and have genuinely written innovative and exciting code that they can demonstrate.
The candidate must be well organized, adhere to timelines, accurate and have the passion to Deliver Technical Excellence.
Designing and building prototypes to demonstrate your ideas.
Assist team in handling ongoing tasks as required.
Build flexible data models and seamless Integration Points.

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