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July 3, 2018
San Francisco, CA
Job Type
$90000 - $150000
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Fullstack Engineer
6 - 10 engineers
HQ is based in San Francisco
Salary $90000 - $150000
Remote No
Seed Company
Funding $1.5M (+ their SaaS model is paying the bills quite well)
Founded 2014
As a full-stack engineer, you’ll be working with us in all aspects of the product, from its core infrastructure to its custom front-end. This includes architecting systems to integrate with external services, building a full-featured web editor, and choreographing email systems and protocols. We’ll leave it largely up to you to evolve the stack as you see fit. We eagerly participate in open source development and will encourage you to do the same.
  • Experience in Javascript (Node.js, front-end frameworks), ElasticSearch and Mongo

  • Significant experience building web applications that have shipped

  • You enjoy writing well-tested, well-organized code

What you might work on:
  • Scale our backend service to send many millions of messages a day

  • Architect the next generation of the Mixmax API: supporting rich communications apps that work on a broad spectrum of clients.

  • Maintain an elastic distributed infrastructure built on top of AWS

  • Build large scale data processing pipelines for indexing content

  • Continuously find opportunities to improve performance, and increase reliability & quality

Current stack: NodeJS, Go, React, Mongo, ElasticSearch, Redis, Electron, AWS.
What are you looking for in a team member?
Your specialization is less important than your ability to learn fast and adapt to shifting technologies. We’re especially fond of people who:
  • Focus on project goals, not just writing code.

  • Iterate until customers love what you’ve built, and pay for it.

  • Have a hacker mindset and master the fine art of balancing time, features, and quality of code. You know when to unit test and when to “just ship it”.

  • Strive to grow personally and professionally, beyond just expanding technical abilities.

  • Love to experiment with new technology and share knowledge with the team.

  • Represent the team and product at conferences.

If you are a member of an under-represented group in technology, we strongly encourage you to apply.
Must have:
  • No one interviewing at large companies, they will not move forward with candidates who are looking at companies above ~ 100 people

  • No one from large companies like Oracle, IBM, etc.

  • No one who has been laid off/fired they won't fit the culture of high achievers

  • Smart well-rounded Engineers come first. Agnostic but: experience in Javascript (Node.js, front-end frameworks), ElasticSearch and Mongo

  • Significant experience building web applications that have shipped.  Can’t only work on demo, MVP, or products that are not widely used.

  • You enjoy writing well-tested, well-organized code

Tech Agnostic but prefer:
Powerful analytics, automation, and enhancements for your outbound communications. We make email as easy as slack for outbound communication by enabling actions like Email Tracking, quick survey’s, templates, sequence automation, read receipts, send later, smart sending, reminders to follow up, and much more—all within email.
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