How AngularJobs Sources Angular 2 Developers

Sharing technical material is the best way to attract top developers. They are constantly learning. Top developers often don’t even have time to search for jobs because they are too busy!

Stack Overflow and Github know that providing developers with constant value builds trust and makes hiring easier. Our team of AngularJS agents curate the latest trending news to leverage this idea. That simple act of curating is how we grew our audience to 12,992 Job Board Subscribers, 65,811 Linkedin Group Members, 59,929 News & 15,483 Jobs Twitter Followers.

What’s really amazing is that 13.7% of our U.S. developers have worked at a top technology company! What an audience…

Did you know that Google values referrals more than any other method of hiring? Our own independent polling also shows that most angular developers found their last job opportunity through a friend.

What have we learned? Strong social networks enable more referrals. Being the first to provide resources about bleeding-edge tech, like AngularJS, gives us a social network foothold can amplify candidate applicants through referrals.

Email newsletters can be top source of highly qualified talent, if you know where to look. Newsletters can actually be thought of as another social network. That’s how we use them. Each valuable resource that we share on social media will also be delivered sent in newsletters.

Why are email newsletter so important? Consider that most professionals check their email more often than their Twitter feed. There are also more opportunities to add value when you aren’t limited to 140 characters.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Hiring top developers is a lot easier when you are helping them build their skills. And, that helping can be as simple as grabbing latest news and throwing it into a newsletter!

Bringing together the fragmented community by curating industry news & jobs is how AngularJobs contributes to the AngularJS community. How can you better serve the talent that you are trying to hire? I will give my feedback on ideas in the comments.


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