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Hitesh A

Experienced React, Angular, Node Developer
Experienced React, Angular, Node Developer

I have 11+years of experience as Full Stack Javascript Developer for mobile and web applications. I have expertise in ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, AngularJS , Meteor etc. I am passionate learner especially about coding and seeking for new challenges in the web and mobile app development.

Grade / Percentage BE Information Technology (2003)


1) Anansi​ - (On Going)
Anansi is a learning application that allow you to teach or learn different skills through app
this include teacher to student and student to teacher chat system with location and time
Technology: React Native as Frontend and NodeJS as Backend

2) Fabyouless
Fabyouless is the UK’s largest beauty discount card featuring 25% savings at thousands of beauty, hair, spa and fitness locations across the UK providing you with everything to make you look good and feel great!
Technology:​ ​ React Native
Android :​ ​
iOS: ​

3) Traditions Challenge
Traditions Challenge app encourages you, as a student, to participate in campus activities and traditions throughout your time in college or school.
Technology: React Native as Frontend and php as Backend
Website: ​
iOS: ​
Android: ​

4) myAkaunt
myAkaunt is accounting app created in React-Native and Node as backend , created for any business in the world. This app is created so generic that it can be used for personal use as well. Using myAkaunt app, you can manage customer’s credit-debit entries easily. You can manage your customers details and their ledger accounts. Also, you can send customer ledger report to their email, Whatsapp or through any kind of sharing options available in mobile within the app.
Technology: React Native as Frontend and NodeJS as Backend
Website: ​
Android APP : ​

5) OBI+
OBI Plus is a On-Board Intelligence, it’s a web and mobile App, Which use a Hardware Device plug in a Car to monitor its health, engine condition, road trips, fuel consumption and alert the driver about any kind of damage in Car My job is to design the whole app from scratch and integrating API.
Technology: React Native Javascript framework both in iOS and Android
Website: ​
iOS APP : ​
Android APP: ​

6) IDronect
Drone Management Platform build in a ​ ReactJs form front-end and ​ Meteor for back-end I have to make complex forms according to User inputs like weight, height, power and wing size, in this project I have to intricate MapBoxGL API, With the help of MapBoxGL I need to create a map of the areas that are valid for a given Drone and track each Drone path and represent them in Map.
Technology: Meteor, ReactJS, MapBox Gl API
Website:​ ​

7) Move It or Lose It
This website is an exercise instructor App. Developed in React-Native, my job is to Design and integrate API, Complex part about this app is Graph instigation about how much progress has been made in a given Month.
Technology: React Native
Website: ​

Other Projects : ReactJS, MeteorJS, NodeJS

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Job Types
Full-time, Freelance, Remote
Technology Preferences
AngularJS, Angular 4, Node.js, ReactJS, React Native
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Github URL
Relevant Professional Experience
AngularJS, Angular 4, Node.js, ReactJS, React Native
Relevant Public Experience
AngularJS, Angular 4, Node.js, ReactJS, React Native

Other Technologies

● Front End: ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, Meteor, BootStrap, Jquery, Javascript, HTML, Material UI
● Cross Platform:​ React native, Meteor.Js
●Framework:​ Meteor, React-Native, AngularJs, VueJs
● Back End:​ NodeJS,
● Database:​ Mysql, MongoDB, SQLite, Firebase, MySQL, SQL Server, Realm
● Testing Tools:​ Unit Testing
●Web Standards: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, HTTP, REST, JSON, ECMAScript 6
●Version Control:​ Git, Bit Bucket, GitLab
● Development Tools: Xcode, Android Studio, VS Code, Notepad++, Atom, Sublime Text, Putty, Toolbar, W3C Validators, Fiddler, Reactron
● Operating Systems:​ OS X, Ubuntu, Windows
● Design Patterns: AMD, Singleton, Factory, Prototype, Observer, Iterator, Interceptor, DI

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