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React Developer


I am Nazmul Alom, from Bangladesh. I am a React Developer. I have studied on Mathematics. As well as, I have a passion on Computer Programming and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
I have been learning Computer programming for about 4 years, all by myself. Throughout this time I have learned a lot of things, and I like React Development most. I want to apply AI in websites, so that people can easily get them, and use them. That was my main reason to start learning Web Development. I have been learning Web Development for quite a long time, and learning React for about a year. Here is one of my React Projects: . I have used Redux and Firebase with React. This project is one to mention: . I have worked with Firebase Authentication system and Firebase Notification Function in this project. I have also worked with RESTful APIs in JavaScript and Python. You can also check my machine learning works and my 'Bengali Handwritten Digit Recognition' competition result (current position 33rd) here .
As I mentioned above, I have learned all this by myself. So, you can clearly see my passion here. And this also gives me a confidence that, if I need to learn something new for my job, I will learn that very quickly and implement them quicker than most other people.

Thank You,

Nazmul Alom

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