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Application Architect with 16 years of experience especially from a UI/Fullstack perspective.
Application Architect with 16 years of experience especially from a UI/Fullstack perspective.

Redeesh.RV                                                                                                        Mob: +91-9739141118


Application Architect with 16 years of experience in all phases of SDLC. Used cutting edge technologies especially from a UI/Fullstack perspective. Broad knowledge in Internet based application in the areas of Financial Services, Telecom data clearing, Automotive etc.

Current Responsibilities:

Lead and manage software engineers in meeting project objectives,designing and coding software components , creating and reviewing software design documents, coordinating project deliverables, interfacing with external/onshore stakeholders and customers. Preparation of  project proposal,estimation,scope documents.Interfacing with business development,sales teams as needed.

Technical Highlights:

Javascript frameworks : React.JS (UI) ,React Native (mobile) ,Node.JS,Java

Responsive Web design : CSS3,Bootstrap, HTML5, modernizr

Project Management / Agile tools : MS project ,GIT HUB,JIRA, Rational DOORS

Deployment  : Cloud,Docker ,Kubernetes 

Professional Expertise:

  • Expertise in React.JS for web application with Alt and Redux
  • Expertise in React Native for Mobile app
  • Experience in Express.js,Node.js,Loopback.js,Kraken.Js
  • Expertise in JavaScript – ES6,ES7,Typescript
  • Java Spring, Springboot,Spring Microservises
  • Expertise in Responsive Web design
  • Used Enzime,Mocha,Chai for unit testing
  • Build tools like Webpack,Gulp etc
  • Cloud, Devops – Bluemix,AWS,Docker, Kubernetes,Jenkins
  • Experience in technologies like Webservices,Restfull services
  • Implementation of Agile scrum methodologies
  • Experience in preparation of LLD,HLD,Design/Architecture Documents


Work Experience Summary:

No Organization Designation Duration 1 IBM India Application Architect Feb 2017 - tilldate 2 Nuviso networks (pvt) ltd.

(StartUp) SeniorTechnical Architect July 2015 to Jan 2017 3 HCL Technologies SeniorTechnical Lead Aug 2010 to July 2015 4 Genpact, Management Trainee/Technical Lead Sept 2006 to August 2010 5 TransCibernet India.Pvt.Ltd, ilabs Center, Software Units Layout,Hitech city, Hyderabad

(Now acquired by MACH)

Provides Telecom data clearing solutions. Software Engineer Dec 2005 to August 2006 6 Rapid Infoway Solutions, Hyderabad.

Provides web and B2B solutions. Application Engineer Dec 2002 to Dec 2005




Professional Projects

1. Machine Learning to improve Enterprise search

Role: Architect, Development,Project management

Technology: Kraken.js ,Node.js

Domain: Financial Services


Currently, customer’s  internal enterprise search platform doesn’t return relevant results. The non-relevancy results in non-adaptation of the platform by the users. The effort is to help improve the experience by applying a multi-pronged approach. The approach will consist of a data staging concept, a ML based approach to improve relevancy and a UI design.

We plan to solve the relevancy and accuracy issue making the queries more accurate and also rank the results using smart methods such as vector space distance model.


Solution Implemented (ML approach)


Query enhancement:

Synonym Expansion – User search term is made contextually accurate by adding more contextual synonyms to it.


Similar Queries – As a next step in the query enhancement, we want to append queries to the original query to make the search more accurate and relevant. In this model, we aim to append the original query with queries which returns the results similar to the original query .


Ranking of Results:

User history –Aim to use the user’s search history to create a profile of the user in which we rank the URLs as per user’s browsing behavior. Once created, this profile can help the results that are returned from ElasticSearch to be ranked tailored to the user’s behavior.


Vector Space similarity – In this approach, the results are ranked by calculating the distance of the query and the underlying documents in a vector space.


UI/Frontend scope:

1.      Design and replace the current results page with one that better fits the enhancements/features the platform will have

2.      Monitoring user behavior with the results, track user behaviors

3.      Click-back report which gives the data for each user – the searches made by the user and the url(s) clicked or hovered over.

2. ABT (Asset Blocking Tool) :


Role: Architect, Development,Project management

Technology: React.JS ,Javascript,Java Springboot

Domain: Financial Services

ABT is an application which restricts Investors and Portfolio Managers to invest only in previously approved assets.PB Desks must be able to negotiate securities approved by Risk; as well as managers, administrators or issuers.

The application must to provide the ability to block investments by:Desk,  IM (Discretionary), SDI (Non-Discretionary),  Security,  Manager,  Administrator,  Issuer

Connect framework (GLUE 42) / GAIA cloud:

A UX integration layer that enables developers to connect any group of applications, share data between different applications and enabling them to talk to each other for users to compare, analyse and take informed decisions.

Connect framework is also supported in GAIA, application was designed in such a way to be cloud compatible.

Worked extensively in JGC-reactgrid , a data grid derivative of AG-grid.


3. Appx:


Role: Design/Architecture, Development.

Technology: React.JS ,HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap,Node.js

Appx  provides a unified view of the SDN network, to provide life-cycle management of Apps.

Multi-vendor SDN Controller Management

Manage multiple disparate SDN networks with a single unified interface, whether your network is managed by open source or vendor specific SDN controllers. Allegro can be extended to support new controllers. Allegro scales with your network from one to multiple controller instances.


Controller agnostic applications

Appx  is bundled with pre-developed controller agnostic applications that provides a rich set of SDN functions in a controller neutral way. Allegro provides controller agnostic APIs to access features of SDN controller. This includes a unified application deployment and monitoring interface

Dashboard & Reports

AppX  provides Flow based statistics, Device port level statistics, Meter counters and Group table counters. It also provides API’s by which all this data is available. The dashboard can display any of these as well as configure it to view the current status of the controller and the resources it occupies in terms of CPU and Memory. Users could customize the dashboard according to their interests and responsibilities.

Value added services

Appx provides services that are not natively available in SDN controllers. This includes functions like scheduling, data persistence, time series analysis.


4. App Repository for SDN based apps


Role: Design/Architecture, Project Management.

Technology: React.JS ,HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap


Marketplace is a product that provides a highly scalable App Repository. The product provides capabilities to upload/maintain/remove SDN,IOT, N/W Controller Apps.



Marketplace has 2 main components User and Vendor MarketPlace which is described below.

User MarketPlace

Using User Marketplace Registered Users can Download Apps, Post Reviews, ask Questions etc. The User Marketplace provides a read only view of the App Repository, and it includes sophisticated tools to search Apps, group various Apps as bundles etc

Vendor MarketPlace

Vendor Marketplace provides a space to Registered Vendors/Companies to upload Apps. Using the Vendor Marketplace Vendors can upload, deprecate or delete Apps. They can provide enough meta data about the Apps such user guides, product screens, URL etc.


User MarketPlace features

App Categories: Each of the App during upload is placed under mandatory categories, such as management, monitoring app etc. Using these categories users can search for related Apps.

Featured Apps: Based on a heuristic Ranking Algorithm the various Apps are set as Featured which will be displayed in the main carousel of the Dashboard UI.

Popular Apps: Each User can Rate a particular App they have downloaded with a Rating between 1 to 5. Based on User Rating Apps are ranked as Popular Apps, more the Rating, more the popularity.

New Apps Spotlight: User can have a spotlight on their Apps for a small fee, thus ensuring wider reachability.

Search and filter for apps: Contextual search for Apps, with capability to auto fill data.

Place to show app related ads: Based on App Category various related Apps which the user might be interested in buying is also displayed as a ticker.

User Registration: Users Can register to access the Portal.


Vendor MarketPlace features

Vendor Registration: Portal for Vendor register their company along with a designated Vendor Admin. The Vendor Admin can in turn add more users, and upload Apps.

Notifications: Vendors can use the portal to provide notifications to users regarding deprecation of Apps, upload of Apps etc.

Upload App: Vendors can upload App along with it upload Meta data about the App, like Guides, URL, Controller Compatibility and Openflow Capability support

  5. External caching for Portfolio warehouse application:

Domain: Financial Services(portfolio management)


Role: Design, Coding, Unit testing and Bug fixing

Technology: JAVA


Implementation of external caching to achieve faster response times and performance, has to scale seamlessly to handle ever increasing load. Excellent performance improvement is achieved through the implementation of distributed caching.

Requirement: TMT data is humongous and takes a lot of time to be read and written to the Database. The aim was implement a Caching mechanism for the same on ScaleOut, which is efficient and improves the Data serving time to the end user. However, the data is several thousands of records and cannot be cached as a single cache object. It has to be Chunked into multiple Cache objects with defined boundaries, which are searchable based on a ticker. The Chunk size is optimized for Scaleout performance and record split count is adjusted for the same. The individual chunks stored as cache objects, Should be easily searchable effectively.

Approach: The entire TMT data is divided into chunks, which are split based on Split Count and indexed in an object which records the ranges for effective searching.  A Project called CacheManager is also developed which does the functions of Cache Population, Chunking, Searching in cache, and Cache refreshments (Periodic - Maintenance, Daily – partial changes refreshed, Full – from scratch).  

Result: The user experience for users requesting TMT data is better with reduced response times. The cache performance (for other cache using applications) is not affected since we have small individual chunked objects which are easily manageable and optimized for Scaleout caching. The search and retrieve time is highly optimized with an efficient search retrieve algorithm

  6. Research Authoring & Workflow:

Domain: Financial Services(portfolio management)


Role: Design,Development

Technology: JAVA,Oracle


Design and build authoring and production systems specifically for financial research.The Research Solution database calculates and aggregates data from analyst financial models, live market data and all other dynamic feeds. Analysts submit forecast changes to the database using a single click from their standard Excel models.

Web-based authoring which a automatically fetch data points of interest, apply business and branding rules over content and Integration with workflow. Also provides access control by allowing analysts to only write reports on their coverage universe. Performs automatic translation of all static and other content which the system controls, eases creation of compilation type products (Morning meeting summary).

Developed Dynamic data-driven and extensible workflow system that standardizes and automates workflow globally as much as possible. The workflow handles all interaction with the distribution systems that expose necessary interaction points. Dynamic data-driven and extensible workflow system. Complete audit trail and operational efficiency metrics. Work management via ‘To-Do’ lists.Multi lingual workflow dashboard to view actionable items and watch lists.

    7. CRM Integration  for General Electric

Role: Design, Coding, Unit testing and Bug fixing

Technology: .Net3.5, SQL server2005, XML


Domain: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


This Project is a CRM initiative wherein client wants remote team to manage as Level 2 and support End User Computing like the desktop services, Procurement, Asset Management, and many other aspects of the desktop... And certain additional Enterprise Computing Network and Server based services.

Client wanted to achieve this by sending data to HP Solutions Desk as CRM tool from all identified L1 helpdesks which uses Clarify CRM systems. Cases created on Clarify and dispatched to business specific HP queues should create and initialize an instance on HP Solutions Desk as well. Further, updates / closure on either of the instances should cascade to the other instance

Tools & Technologies used:

Service Incident exchange Standard (SIS) for functional Call exchange flow and data       definitions

Extended Markup Language (XML) for data structure

XML over HTTP for transport layer.

C#.Net Application for XML Exchange and Case Updation:

Cases dispatched to specific queues by Genpact clarify CRM system is converted into XML format and send to HP URLs incorporating `Message Queuing' for Submission of messages to HP,HP CRM system retrieve the XML data and Creates/Updates corresponding case.

WCF usage:   Case updations, Acknowledgements from HP is send to Genpact Clarify CRM system in XML format. XML is retrieved and extracted and the corresponding case is updated using a WCF service encapsulating the CBO objects of Clarify system.

  8. CRM  implementation

Domain: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Description: This project is to develop a CRM portal for collecting the information of the request and creating and handing a ticket in Clarify portal. This implementation process includes, designing the workflow and incorporating the customized options in clarify.

WCF usage :Clarify CRM client is basically developed to use as desktop client application, for better maintenance of application it is converted to web application by bundling Clarify CRM objects into a WCF Service.Built a WCF service with different endpoints for both internet and intranet users.For intranet users End point is configured with NetTcpBinding and for internet users it is configured with WSHttpBinding .

Role: Analyzing, design and implementation.

Technology: C#.Net, Clarify 12.0, JavaScript, MS SQL Server.



9. Data clearing solution for mobile operators:

Domain: Telecom Data Clearing.



Developed User interface screens and Reports for TAP files re-rating, processing. This module is done as a part of the Value Added Services provided by Cibernet's Data Clearing solution for mobile operators. Operators proposing different billing systems use the re-rating service. The purpose of re-rating is to allow an operator to personalize the billing mechanism at subscriber or at group of subscribers level.

Example of re-rating based on subscription list: Subscribers could get special prices when they are calling in roaming, from a specific country (network) or to a specific destination (country); the subscriber being able to choose himself those specific countries.

Example of re-rating without subscription list: Once subscribed at this feature, all subscribers calling from a specific zone (a zone containing several countries) determined by the operator, may have advantageous billing rates.

Role: Had done most part of the UI programming.

Software: ASP.NET, VB.NET, and SQL Server 2000

Tools & Technologies: MS Visual Studio, HTML, and DHTML



Educational Qualification:

  • Sc (Computer Science ,MS University,Tirunelveli)

Personal Information:

Name: Redeesh R.V

Date of Birth: 23rd April 1977

Marital Status: Married

Language Proficiency: English, Malayalam, Tamil ,Hindi

Current Location : Bangalore,India


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Node.js, ReactJS, React Native
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Node.js, ReactJS, React Native
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Node.js, ReactJS, React Native

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Java spring boot


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