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Today in Top Angular News – Wednesday, September 26

Today in Top Angular News – Wednesday, September 26

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Angular Router Series: Secondary Outlets Primer – Angular In Depth

By the end of this article, you will understand:
how to define secondary outlets
why secondary outlets are used
the effect that they have on the structure of a URL
how they are routed and activated

Creating Secondary Outlets
As discussed here, the router will render the components it has navigated to by using a router outlet directive. The main content would use the primary router outlet, and a secondary outlet would be used for displaying the chat widget components. We also need to specify that name in the router configuration for the application:
We’ve specified an outlet property named sidebar in the route for chat. However, the router will need someway of differentiating between different outlets in the URL, so let’s see how secondary routes are encoded inside a URL. Secondary Outlets, Routing, and ActivatedRoutes
When the router is matching URL segments to paths in route configurations that we pass into RouterModule.forRoot(), it always keeps track of which outlet it is routing to by passing it along as a parameter. Continue reading

A comparison between Angular and React and their core languages

Angular and ReactOne thing that is really great about React in terms of performance is the Virtual DOM, which you’ve probably heard about a couple of times. So who uses which shop
Google Express

If you know of any large, well-known companies using Angular, please share with a link.TypeScript and JavaScript (ES6+)
As I mentioned, it can be misleading to only compare Angular and React without focusing on the core language each one has to offer. It is important to notice that TypeScript was released in the period of ES5, and during that time, ES5 was not a class-based OOP language. Alright, so if you are still confused what statically typed means, check this out:
Static typed property
Static typed property comparison between JavaScript and TypeScriptStatic typed argument
Static typed argument comparison between JavaScript and TypeScriptI’ve learned that lots of people believe that a statically typed language means reliable code, and is most often used as a winning argument over dynamically typed languages. Takeaway notes
React handles memory-management efficiently (virtual DOM)
React uses JavaScript (ES6), a recognized web-language since 1995
Angular uses TypeScript, released in 2012
Statically typed languages are great, but does note make code more reliable
Dynamically typed languages require less time to write and more flexibility to use your creativity (fewer typos)
Learning a statically-typed language may be a challenge, especially if you’ve only been working with dynamically typed languages
ES6 has implemented lots of great features such as modules, classes, spread operator, arrow functions, template literals that allows you to write less, cleaner and more structured code (syntactic sugar)
TS is simply ES6+ with typos and more

The framework/component-library you choose may influence how much time you spend programming and your budget. Continue reading

Integrating OpenCV.js with an Angular application

  • I ran into this library trying to answer the question:

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library. It was originally written in C++ and has since been ported to most other major languages and platforms and most recently, with the boost provided by Web Assembly, it has finally crossed into the Javascript world. OpenCV.js is a “JavaScript binding for selected subset of OpenCV functions for the web platform”, and as you have noted, it exposes a subset of the OpenCV functionality to the web. Continue reading

10 Useful Angular Features You Might Not Have Heard Of

For example, lets say we want to display only the first 10 items of an array, we could do this using the like so:

This is a very simple pipe is designed for formatting numbers. This is normally achieved by setting the value of the tag in the document head, however we can't use standard Angular bindings eg: because is not inside an Angular component, so we must instead use the service. For example, to have two structural directive we can simply do this:

And to insert a template as a child:

These are just a few of the many, many uses this element has, I'm sure you will find more! To call the function add the following to the bootstrap code:

To start the profiling run the following in the DevTools console:

There are cases in many applications where you need to describe a number of items, and with language being the complicated thing it is, we often have to deal with different phrasing based on different quantities. If we want the whole component to retain its whitespace then we can simply use the option in the component decorator:

We may however want to only retain whitespace within a specific DOM element in which case we can use the directive eg:

Additionally we may want to use in our document, but Angular interprets this a use of interpolation and will try to evaluate whatever is within it. Continue reading

Angular.track (fall edition)

  • Then use Angular and NativeScript to build for web and native mobile.

Simple: Structure your project with the power of Angular CLI and “Custom Schematics”. Do you want to transform your existing web project to a code sharing structure? Reactive Forms

Every web application consists of forms, in all forms and types. In his spare time Jan-Niklas Wortmann is involved in open source projects and is a member of the RxJS Core Team. Continue reading

Angular Performances Part 2 – Reload

You should always cache the assets of your application (images, styles, JS bundles…). But a cache is always tricky: you need to have a way to tell the browser “hey, I deployed a new version in production, please fetch the new assets!” If you use the CLI, you can safely deploy a new version and cache everything, except the (as this will contain the links to the fresh assets deployed)! You can register a service worker in your application and every GET requests will then go through it, allowing you to decide if you really want to fetch the requested resource, or if you want to serve it from cache. Did you know that if you add it to your Angular CLI application, and turn a flag on ( in ), the CLI will automatically generate all the necessary stuff to cache your static assets by default? Continue reading

Meetup #22 (State Management Part I, Integration Testing)


– 18:00 – Checkin and socializing with pizza & beverages

– 19:00 – Crafting solid state management – a principle based architecture – Part I – Michael Hladky

– 20:00 Integration tests in 5 steps – Zlatko Duric

Big thanks to TNG Consulting, who helps us host another Angular meetup so soon after the last one. And big thanks to Michael Hladky for coming all the way from Vienna to give us one of his awesome talks! Details:

⭐️ Crafting solid statemanagement – a principle based architecture – Part I

Using state management libs is hard… Crafting them on your own even harder. As an active community member, he is the organizer of Angular Vienna and founder and leading head of Angular Austria, a non-profit association to support Angular. In last two years Zlatko has brok^H^H^H^Htouched about 15 serious Angular codebases, almost all already in production. Continue reading

Ajax Live Search Using Angular and Node

Live search is one of the most interactive and mandatory part of any web applications. In this tutorial i am going to develop one simple ajax live search box which takes user input and filter result live on the same page. It allows us to put those data which we need for search on client end, so for every key input there is no database call which in turn improves the system performance. On first request it will render the home page of application and on second router request it will load the values from database. This line basically performing search in loaded_demos which is nothing but data from database. Continue reading

Top ReactJS Frameworks You Can’t Miss Out in 2018

ReactJS Frameworks has been presented various UI components or libraries and systems began to turn out one by one and it’s proceeding. Developers originating from frameworks, for example, Angular or Ember have difficulties to make sense of all the building blocks they should construct a modern web application with ReactJS as its core. Here is the nice example:

The Ant Design empowers the enterprise-class UI design language reasonably utilized for all the web applications. Ant Design has the arrangement of amazing ReactJS components in a more efficient manner. For example:

This library is a collection of ReactJS UI components that backings Pinterest’s design language, utilized inside Pinterest to make consistency in UI outline and improvement. Continue reading

Angular 4 Installation

  • need to install the angular cli to use the ng command.

-& Install Node.js

First you need to install the node.js in your system to get the access of use npm commands. Generate a new project by running the below command:

It takes some time to create the project. -& Serve the application

Go to the project directory and launch the server. The ng serve command launches the server, watches your files, and rebuilds the app as you make changes to those files. Continue reading

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