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Today in Top Angular News – Tuesday, January 22

Today in Top Angular News – Tuesday, January 22

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Make Your Angular Form’s Error Messages Magically Appear

In this article, we’re going to learn how to develop a generic method that displays validation errors in Angular’s form. This first time we’re inside the error handler, we create the component dynamically and set the current text error. But our code is still not flexible enough, as we’re limiting the error component to always render as a sibling to our host element, and there will be cases where we don’t want this behavior. Bonus
Currently, our directive supports only formControl, but we can easily add support for both formGroup and formArray by optionally injecting the ControlContainer provider that provides a reference to the current form group/array instance and using it as the control instance (if it exists). Summary
We learned how to utilize the power of directives in Angular to create a clean form validation errors implementation. Continue reading

How To Learn JavaScript

Perhaps the largest facet of learning front-end development is having solid JavaScript skills. The majority of front-end development job interviews involve heavy JavaScript coding as well as deep understanding of the underlying concepts. The best way to learn JavaScript is by practicing, thus online courses provide a great learning environment that requires you to complete activities and projects. Below are some great tools for quickly testing JavaScript (and related frameworks). But by learning JavaScript inside-and-out, you will be in an awesome position to score a kick-ass front-end developer job. Continue reading

  • That is why its good to have some Angular code snippets at hand.

Angular Code Generation
ext install Angular2
How many times have you written the code for a component or, say, even things like a code for getting data from url and mapping the response to JSON object? map((response: Response) = response.json());If you feel like there are more fun things to do with your time, you’re right. Angular 2 TypeScript Snippets has several code pieces that cover the typical scenarios:
In the TypeScript land you’ll be able to choose from 10 things to generate, such as component, service or subscription. Just type ng2 in your code and you will see a bunch of useful snippets suggestions. Continue reading

Angular CdkTable – Working with Tables like A Pro – Part 1 – The InfoGrid

We will use Angular CdkTable to handle the table controller and Bootstrap for the UI using Bootstrap Table Component. If you wish to fully use the power of bootstrap (Including replacing jQuery with Angular native components) follow the tutorial here. We need to repeat the above process, for each column we have in our table:

The final thing we have to do, is define our rows – header and body rows. And then, in our table body, we are going to add a cdk-row directive and pass the column row definition data through the *cdkRowDef directive:

And that’s it. We have successfully used Angular CdkTable with Bootstrap to display data. Continue reading

What’s new in Angular Version 8 and Angular Version 7

  • You can download the Angular 7 production release from GitHub.
  • To improve performance for , Angular 8.0 uses a shared instance.

The beta version of Angular 8.0, the next version of Google’s popular JavaScript framework, is now available, with a new feature for forms. Angular provides dependency injection, which is particularly useful for assembling data services for applications, along with use of an HTML template to compose components. In Angular, developers still compose components with an HTML component that connects to TypeScript code for imperative parts of the program. Continue reading

How To Insert Multiple Data Using Reactive Form In Angular 7

We had one requirement of inserting multiple data in a single batch using FormGroup, FormBuilder, and FormArray. After the application opens in Visual Studio, open the app.module.ts file and import FormsModule and ReactiveFormsModule from @angular/forms. Create a reactive form object with a name, say, SchoolDetailsForm and create an instance of FormBuilder in the constructor. Now, create a function for our Reactive form with formGroup and formControl. We used *ngFor directive for iterating the data and finding the controls of our Reactive form. Continue reading

How To Level Up Your Angular Unit Testing Game (2/3)

In the previous post, we learned how to pass parameters into Angular CLI to run unit tests. If you want unit test output available in your CI environment, you can add a reporter for JUnit output and configure Jenkins to consume JUnit reports as an example. Now that you know how to run tests and set it up to get the output format you like, it's time to measure coverage. Add native report formats such as 'text', 'json', 'Cobertura', 'TeamCity', or use the 'lcov' report as part of your CI process so you can show test coverage trend lines per build. Now people can't push code into the repo without passing unit tests that meet code coverage. Continue reading

Angular CDK Tables – Angular In Depth

npm install — save @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap
Add NgbModule to app.module.ts’s imports:
This component will handle most of the pagination work for us, but there are a few changes we’ll need to make to our rxjs pipes that we set up earlier. Let’s start by making a currentPage$ and pageSize$ BehaviorSubject in our table component, as well as another BehaviorSubject to track which of our dataSources we actually want on the current page:
Inside of our ngOnInit() now, we’ll want to set up our dataOnPage$ to listen to any changes to currentPage$, pageSize$, or tableDataSources$ so it always contains the correct items on the page. To do this, we’ll use the static rxjs operator combineLatest() to listen to changes to any of these:
Finally we’ll add pagination to our template, and change our data source for the table to our new dataOnPage$ Observable:
And boom!! We’ll need to import the FormsModule and the ReactiveFormsModule from @angular/forms:
And now we’ll add a searchFormControl to our component code:
searchFormControl = new FormControl();
And inside of ngOnInit(), we’ll remove the code to create our tableDataSource$ from the heroes$ subscription and move it into a subscription to combineLatest() of heroes$ and We’ll filter out heroes that don’t match our search so they don’t make it into the tableDataSource$:
We call searchFormControl.setValue('') to make sure that the form control valueChanges observable fires when the component loads (combineLatest() won’t start emitting until each of the observables passed in have emitted something. And now bit of rearranging of our template to add a search bar above the table:
And now we’ve got search! Continue reading

JSDay – half a day full of JavaScript

You can choose between different tutorials or bring a specific problem / your project where you need help with. There will be coaches who can help you if you get stuck in a tutorial, they are also happy to help you with your project. Just leave us a message in the comments or mail us: [masked]

– 💾 Fields/ frameworks where we provide knowledge –

/ JavaScript (ES2015 / ES2017)

/ VueJS

/ Angular

/ as well as HTML & CSS

/ maybe more to come

– ⏰Schedule –

12:45 Doors open

13:00 Welcome

13:10 Start to work on tutorials / your project

18:00 Closing notes

18:10 Dinner

19:00 leaving for JSKongress pre get together

– 💻 What to bring? Nothing else is needed 🙃

– 💰 This event is for free –

You don't need to pay a workshop fee, for food, snacks or beverages. – 🍝 Food, 🍏 Snacks & 🥤 Beverages (for free) –

Everything is for free and we will provide vegan and gluten free options. Continue reading

An Introduction To ReactJS, AngularJS And NodeJS – 360 Degree Technosoft

  • Debugging can be a bit of a pain in case of AngularJS.

It revolves around the features like templates, dependency, injection, deep linking, filters, routing, and data binding. AngularJS works well with other libraries and is best fit for developing your web apps. The mock data has to be injected into the controller for unit testing in case of AngularJS. If there are interactive elements, AngularJS can be extremely slow with pages. Continue reading

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