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Today in Top Angular News – Monday, January 28

Today in Top Angular News – Monday, January 28

Today’s topics include AngularJS, Spring, MVC, JSP, Angualr5, AngularCLI, ts, typescript, abetterwaytolwarn, Docker, angular6, JavaScript, Angular7, Performance, and WebDevelopment. Special thanks to contributors Jeremy Likness, Lim Han, 10208572694571329, Victor Savkin, Anil Singh, @rahulsahay19, rahul sahay, by Rehmaanali, rehmaanalis, Rajeev Hathi, @thatisuday, Uday Hiwarale, coding_latte, k_irandoust, anilsingh581, pallavipaddu2, and hichem_hamdaoui.

The Top 5 Mistakes AngularJS Developers Make Part 2: Abusing watch

I’ve had to build the controller with $scope because I have to $watch for the changes and the only way to $watch is by having a reference to $scope, right? When the model is mutated (i.e. by the user changing a selection), Angular automatically re-evaluates other properties to determine if the UI needs to be updated. When the user mutates the model by changing the gender, Angular will automatically re-evaluate properties like the gender text to see if it needs to update the UI. Because the gender selection updated the property, Angular will recognize the change and refresh the UI. That keeps your tests simple and ensures they run quickly with little overhead (i.e. “Given controller when the selected gender changes to male then the gender text should be updated to boy.”) Continue reading

Migrating Spring Web MVC from JSP to AngularJS

This article is written for Spring Web MVC developers who are familiar with JSP development and who would like to understand how to migrate to a client side Javascript framework like AngularJS. As it is based on an MVx architecture, AngularJS provides a structure to Javascript development and thus gives Javascript an elevated status compared to traditional Spring + JSP application that probably uses Javascript to provide that bit of interactivity on the user interface. With AngularJS, your Javascript application will also inherit features like Dependency-Injection, HTML-vocabulary extension (via the use of custom directives), unit-testing and functional testing integration as well as DOM-selectors ala JQuery (using jqLite as it provides only a subset of JQuery but you could also easily use JQuery if you prefer). When you are developing a Spring Web MVC application using JSP, you will likely use the Spring-provided form tags to bind your form inputs to a server side model. Using AngularJS, it is possible to write relatively complex User Interfaces in an organised and elegant manner, always encapsulating the required logic within your components and never running the risk of errant global Javascript variables polluting your scope. Continue reading

Understanding Angular Ivy: Incremental DOM and Virtual DOM

How Virtual DOM Works
React was the first mainstream framework to use virtual DOM, which is defined by this key idea:
Every component creates a new virtual DOM tree every time it gets rerendered. Incremental DOM
Incremental DOM is used internally at Google, and it is defined by this key idea:
Every component gets compiled into a series of instructions. To achieve the two goals:
The rendering engine itself has to be tree shakable
The rendering engine has to have low memory footprint

Why Incremental DOM is Tree Shakable? When using incremental DOM, the framework does not interpret the component. Given this, plus the tree shakability and memory footprint of incremental DOM, I think it was the right choice to use incremental DOM as the foundation of the new rendering engine. Continue reading

Running multiple angular elements on the same page
Hi Friends,
In this segment, we will talk about how to load and run different web components at the same time. ng add @angular/elements
 npm install I need to expose component as custom web component like shown below. Upon running the same command, it generated below stuff
After that it will generate following components like this
Presently, we can take this segment and related umd files like appeared underneath in the index.html document. Like above advance, I have made another custom component for footer too and consumed the same in page. Right now, Its not straight forward to consume various web segments in page and there is no meaning writing one component per page. Continue reading

ngFor in Angular 5 Instead of ngRepeat

As we have seen in AngularJS to repeat the loop, we have to use the angular’s directive named as . As the new Angular 5 feature comes with the same functionality but its directive is named as . For previous AngularJS version we have to simply just import or linked the library in the project, but now the Angular 5 (TypeScript) has its requirements such NodeJS and Git Version Control (optional), Can be used from windows command prompt. on running the this will open up a pre build component of Angular Documentation

After installation, let’s create a component for any view but the scope of this tutorial was to learn about ngFor

Check out what are components? In AngularJS to display the data from an array as a list, we would use the directive, In Angular 5 we have the directive. Continue reading

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