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Today in Top Angular News – Wednesday, August 29

Today in Top Angular News – Wednesday, August 29

Today’s topics include Angular, angularjs, angular6, javascript, typescript, Node, Tutorial, ASPNETCore, Csharp, VisualStudio, webdev, webdeveloper, chrome, phantomjs, puppeteer, jquery, react, reactjs, vue, vuejs, Steemit, ngrx, redux, springboot, bootstrap, html, frontend, and css. Special thanks to contributors uncle_dallas, @NetanelBasal, Netanel Basal, @rogeriopvl, Rogério Vicente, Arvind Singh Baghel, adrai (42), steemitboard (62), ngVenezuela, Ricardo Mello, 3Articles, Dr. Michael Garbade, thefrontendcat, FreeWebTutor, and Jecelyn Yeen.

Logging HTTP Errors in Angular 6 – The Info Grid

In this post, we are going to use the same HTTP Interceptor to catch HTTP errors – 500, 401, 400 etc. – and logging them remotely. So, without further ado:

Let’s first start by creating a HTTP Interceptor class – HttpLogInterceptor, then adding it to our module (app.module.ts). Next, we need to add the newly created HTTP interceptor class to the list of providers, in our module:

Inside our intercept method of our HttpLogInterceptor class, we need to take the HTTP request, then pipe it and catchErrors, then return the errors to the originator using throwError operator of RXJS. Continue reading

How to Build Adaptive Layout Designs using Angular Flex Layout – The Info Grid

In today’s example, I will create a simple example that will display a form in either modal window or new page based on screen size. In small screen sizes – smartphones & phablets – it will show the form in a new page while in large devices it will display a simple modal window with the form. ObservableMedia is from Angular Flex Layout and will allow you to query the screen size in real time as shown below:

NOTE: I Am loading the ModalWrapperComponent instead of the FormComponent in the dialog. Continue reading

Ajax Live Search Using Angular and Node

Live search is one of the most interactive and mandatory part of any web applications. In this tutorial i am going to develop one simple ajax live search box which takes user input and filter result live on the same page. It allows us to put those data which we need for search on client end, so for every key input there is no database call which in turn improves the system performance. Continue reading

How To Implement Dynamic Highchart With Angular V6 And ASP.NET Core

In the previous article, we have explored how a Single Page Application (SPA) sample can be put together using ASP.NET Core & Angular from scratch. We need to add the below listed task to a gulp file, which will transfer the newly added package libraries to “wwwroot/lib” folder. In this sample, we had to combine ASP.NET Core & Angular to create the sample SPA app without any CLI, and learned how to start with an empty ASP.NET Core application to serve a static HTML page. Continue reading

Dynamically Creating Components with Angular – Netanel Basal

  • Note: The container can be any DOM element or component.

Now we need to get a reference to our template element in the my-app component. The default return from the ViewChild decorator is the component instance or the DOM element, but in our case, we need to get the element as ViewContainerRef. Continue reading

AngularJS, Basic to Expert: Day Five – DZone Web Dev

In my previous articles, we learned what AngularJS is, some basics about AngularJS and directives in AngularJS, and we look at the main concepts in AngularJS (modules, models, controllers, scope, and data binding), and used them in our AngularJS demo application. You can check previous articles here:

In this article, we will learn gow to use filters in AngularJS. We'll explore different filters one-by-one and continue with our AngularJS demo application which we used in previous articles. Continue reading

Steemit logo

  • Soon it was time to productively implement a new web application.

Patty, who had been promoted to development manager, had the task to assemble a new web development team. They did choose jQuery because the support of the community was great, it made DOM manipulation painless, played well with AJAX, made basic animation a piece of cake, had a lot of plug-ins, etc…

Since the web application was not only for English speaking users, they used jquery-i18next as an internationalization (i18n) library. Continue reading

How to make MultiLingual web applications in Angular

Many organizations run their websites / web applications with multiple languages in order to serve erse user base across the globe. Angular is one of the most prominently used technology for the front end developments of such interactive web applications and leverages multilingual capacity. For implementing multilingual functionality in Angular web application there are various modules available such as ng2-translate module that provides services, directives, and filters for translating your texts. Continue reading

10 Reasons to Use AngularJS Framework for Your Next Project

It’s hard to imagine the development of a modern single page application without Angular.js. For example, compare JavaScript students = [
   {name: 'Sara Connor', score:'97'},
   {name: 'John Connor', score:'60'},
var studentsList = var studentEntry = studentName = studentScore = studentName.innerHTML =;
       studentScore.innerHTML = e.score;
       AngularJS as studentsCrtl"
   ng-repeat="student in Name: Title: Using directives

As its pattern language Angular.js uses HTML. MVC out of the box

AngularJS uses MVC architectural pattern that separates application logics, view and data:

It allows to create single page applications. Continue reading

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