How to Contact Candidates

  1. Access the candidate’s full details by purchasing them with a database access credit.
  2. Click the “CONTACT CANDIDATE” button on the Candidate Profile page. If you do not see this, then go back to step number one.
  3. Determine what you specifically like about this candidate.
    1. Write a brief sentence about why you liked the candidate in the message input box.
    2. This part is important because it differentiates this engagement from the many others.
  4. Request a response.
    1. Ask the candidate a simple question, such as clarifying something in their profile.
    2. This will prompt them to respond.
  5. Think before copying & pasting, or sending links.
    1. Remember, at this point, the candidate is a valuable lead.
    2. Don’t turn them off by spamming them with unnecessary content.
    3. Work on starting a discussion first.


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