How to Access a Candidate’s Full Details

  1. Navigate to the Candidate Profile page of the candidate whose full details you would like to access.
  2. Log in, if you have not already done so.


  1. Click the PURCHASE button on the Candidate Profile page to list purchasing options.
  2. Select the radio button under “Purchased Membership” to use available database credits.


  1. Click SUBMIT to complete the process.

How to Search the Candidates Database


  1. Define search criteria.
    1. What is it you are looking for in the candidate?
      1. The location is a great place to start.


  1. Log into the Employer Panel.
  2. Click the ADVANCED SEARCH button.


  1. Now you are on the Advanced Resume Search page.
    1. Here you may choose to search by keyword or location.
      1. The keyword search utilizes all available search contexts to return results.
      2. The location search is strictly for returning results based on location.
    2. Input your search criteria and click “search”.
    3. In case of few or no results:
      1. Make sure that you have not made a spelling mistake.
      2. For location searches, try the name of the region/state instead of the city.


How to Manage Applicants

  1. Access the applicants list.
  2. Click on the name of an applicant.
  3. Now you should see the full application details including:
    1. Status
    2. Email address
    3. Attachments, if any
    4. Messages, if any


  1. Review the details of the candidate.
    1. If appropriate, move the candidate to the next stage of your hiring pipeline.
  2. Change the status of the applicant.
    1. “Read” should be used for applicants that have been viewed, but a decision has not been made whether to move forward with them.
    2. “Accepted” is used to indicate which applicants have been moved to the next stage of the hiring pipeline.
    3. “Rejected” is used to indicate which applicants have not been forwarded to the next stage in the pipeline.


  1. Click CHANGE to save the updated status.


How to Access Applicants


  • An Employer Account
  • Published JobPost
  1. Log in to the Employer Panel.
  2. Click the COMPANY JOBS button. This will take you to a list of jobs by the company.


  1. Find the job post in the list and Click the number of applicants or “Applicants” in the dropdown. Following this step will bring you to the Applicants List page.


  1. You should now see an overview of your applicants. This is known as the Applicants List page.


  1. Click the applicant’s name to view their full application.


  1. Additionally, you can initiate an email message and change the Application Status from the Applicants List page.

How to Contact Candidates

  1. Access the candidate’s full details by purchasing them with a database access credit.
  2. Click the “CONTACT CANDIDATE” button on the Candidate Profile page. If you do not see this, then go back to step number one.
  3. Determine what you specifically like about this candidate.
    1. Write a brief sentence about why you liked the candidate in the message input box.
    2. This part is important because it differentiates this engagement from the many others.
  4. Request a response.
    1. Ask the candidate a simple question, such as clarifying something in their profile.
    2. This will prompt them to respond.
  5. Think before copying & pasting, or sending links.
    1. Remember, at this point, the candidate is a valuable lead.
    2. Don’t turn them off by spamming them with unnecessary content.
    3. Work on starting a discussion first.


How made >150,000 Angular connections

Sharing technical material is the best way to attract top developers. They are constantly learning. Top developers often don’t even have the time to search for jobs because they are too busy!

Stack Overflow and Github know that providing developers with constant value builds trust and makes hiring easier. Our team of Angular agents curate the latest trending news to leverage this idea. That simple act of curating is how we grew our audience to 12,992 Job Board Subscribers, 65,811 LinkedIn Group Members, 59,929 News & 15,483 Jobs Twitter Followers.

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Email newsletters can be a top source of highly qualified talent, if you know where to look. Newsletters can actually be thought of as another social network. That’s how we use them. Each valuable resource we share on social media will also be delivered in newsletter format.

Why are email newsletters so important? Consider the fact that most professionals check their email more often than their Twitter feed. There are also more opportunities to add value when you aren’t limited to 140 characters.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Hiring top developers is a lot easier when helping them build their skills. And, that helping can be as simple as grabbing the latest news and throwing it into a newsletter!

Bringing together the fragmented community by curating industry news & jobs is how AngularJobs contributes to the AngularJS community. How can you better serve the talent you are trying to hire? I will give my feedback on ideas in the comments.

3 Hacks for Sourcing Modern JavaScript Talent

Qualified talent is difficult to find. Finding programmers with knowledge of specific tools can be even more difficult.

BREAKING: Hackers Dropped the JavaScript Resume Floodgates

This is a new development in 2017. A massive part of the resume database has been exposed. Top employers are carefully combing through the data.

Hack #1: Find Local Angular Developers

I grabbed some top location searches to make things easier.

Location not listed above? Start searching for candidates here.

Hack #2: Skill-Based Candidate Searches

Keyword searching is already available. This feature accesses data that is still slowly becoming available in 2017. We hope to see a lot more from the keyword searches in the near future.

Yes! I found someone, but, what do I say to the candidate?

HR professionals know that a warm introduction can make all the difference. Don’t ask a stranger to make a life change purely for your business. provides a platform of trust. Want developers to receive your message from a trusted connection? Developers respond because they trust

Hack #3: Contact Any Candidate

Do you already know what you want to say? I recommend mentioning the specific reason you are contacting them. Is it because they are local to you?

Find & click the Contact button.

Here you can enter your message if you are already logged in.

Click submit, and delivers the message. Voila!


Interview Questions for Angular Developers

Meet Jobsi, the latest addition to the interview team. Jobsi is aiming to become the best in the universe at interviewing Angular Developers.

There are already over 2,500 developers in our network from the United States alone.

Our mission, along with Jobsi, is to interview every Angular Developer. Thanks to the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, we believe this is possible!

How is Jobsi different than my LinkedIn profile?

Jobsi is a real interviewer (more on that later). LinkedIn is a substitute for the traditional resume. The traditional resume has simply never been good enough for us. We want Jobsi to interview you without first reading a resume. Like any quality discussion, at the end of the interview, both parties should walk away feeling like they gained something.

Yes, Jobsi is a real human interviewer, kind of…

No, I’m not trying to spark an ethical debate. At this time, Jobsi is known as a human-in-the-middle A.I. Yes, we leverage the latest tools AI & ML tools available, but, the human element is necessary to help Jobsi learn, for now…

So, what can we expect?

We believe there will be a paradigm shift in how highly skilled workers are employed. Jobsi will have the uncanny ability to source opportunities. Employers will recognize untapped synergy within teams. Developers will benefit from specific, personalized career advice.

Where can you sign up?

Most people can’t, for now. We do, however, have an exclusive opportunity for Angular Developers. Participate in a preliminary interview with Jobsi. Start here.