3 Hiring Insights from Angular Developers

We asked AngularJS developers:

  • Where did you find your last job?
  • How much time do you spend searching for competitive job opportunities?
  • Is a better culture enough for you to leave your team to join a new company?

After asking thousands of Angular Developers these questions, we have insights and polls to share.

Here are the results!

Most Angular Developers would leave their current employer for a better culture.

Large companies, such as The Muse, are capitalizing on this trend. They employ a team of writers that create content for their clients centered on the culture.

Companies with an amazing culture, like Netflix, have positioned themselves in a way that keeps hiring pipelines bursting at the seams.

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Most Angular Developers spend under one hour per month job searching.

It’s no secret that software engineers are highly in demand. That’s why you can’t find them investing in profiles on multinational career sites.

However, mediums like email and Twitter fit into existing developer workflows. We believe this is why @angularjobs and the job alert email list work so well.

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Most Angular Developers found their last job through a friend.

Referrals are Google’s #1 resource to generate successful hires.

“But, developers spend virtually zero time looking for jobs, so, how will someone see my job to refer their friend?” Because of referrals, even if an employer only gets their job opportunity in front of a single developer, they are actually getting the job in front of a network of developers.

To tap into this network, you must look at industry resources, such as news websites, to place jobs in front of developers that might refer your next Angular Champion.

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