3 Hacks for Sourcing Modern JavaScript Talent

Qualified talent is difficult to find. Finding programmers with knowledge of specific tools can be even more difficult.

BREAKING: Hackers Dropped the JavaScript Resume Floodgates

This is a new development in 2017. A massive part of the AngularJobs.com resume database has been exposed. Top employers are carefully combing through the data.

Hack #1: Find Local Angular Developers

I grabbed some top location searches to make things easier.

Location not listed above? Start searching for candidates here.

Hack #2: Skill-Based Candidate Searches

Keyword searching is already available. This feature accesses data that is still slowly becoming available in 2017. We hope to see a lot more from the keyword searches in the near future.

Yes! I found someone, but, what do I say to the candidate?

HR professionals know that a warm introduction can make all the difference. Don’t ask a stranger to make a life change purely for your business.

AngularJobs.com provides a platform of trust. Want developers to receive your message from a trusted connection? Developers respond because they trust AngularJobs.com.

Hack #3: Contact Any Candidate

Do you already know what you want to say? I recommend mentioning the specific reason you are contacting them. Is it because they are local to you?

Find & click the Contact button.

Here you can enter your message if you are already logged in.

Click submit, and AngularJobs.com delivers the message. Voila!


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